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Liquid Force The Debut Wakeboard Film - DVD
Add to Wishlist Our Price: $29.99

OVERVIEW The Debut Wakeboard Film - DVD

The Debut is a film about people who once found their passion.

It is a film about people who love wakeboarding.

The world's best riders will be followed on their journey all over the world.

High-End production techniques will capture their riding, the places they go to and who they really are.


  • Nico Von Lerchenfeld
  • Daniel Grant
  • Raph Derome
  • Kevin Henshaw
  • Dominik Hernler
  • Nick Davies
  • Brenton Priestley
  • Felix Georgii
  • Tom Fooshee

    THE DEBUT - Trailer Two from THE DEBUT on Vimeo.

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    Customer Reviews:  Review This Product
    4 of 5 Stars!Susan Merica-Jones, 03/04/2005
    The previous review pretty much sums it up. I might enjoy more off-the-water or in-between-radical-trick time to get my vicarious “lifestyle of a pro wakeboarder” fix, but once you trudge through the first two minutes of ultra hip music that my younger 17 year old brother might like, Neil Young eases you into a steady stream of “Money Shots” that leave you satiated and pumped to get it on with some sweet wakeboarding action of your own.

    On a scale of one to ten, I give it a strong nine or 4.5 stars. I definitely do not regret the purchase. The DVD has some cool extras too.
    5 of 5 Stars!Pat McCarthy, 12/18/2004
    What people value most about a wakeboarding video can be different. Some people are strictly interested in great riding by the top pros, others enjoy seeing great editing and a unique video idea, others may like groundbreaking tricks or amateur action. Personally, the type of video that gets me most excited to ride is one that has good riders, beautiful scenery, 16 mm footage, and makes me just wish I was out on the water. Relentless fits in my criteria perfectly.


    Relentless takes the top riders on their Pro Team on a week long trip to Lake Powell and takes advantage of beautiful scenery and outstanding wakeboarding. There is some footage throughout the movie from Florida and other locations, but the majority of the movie is at Powell. Although it's been done before, the scenery at Powell and the good riding it tends to bring out from pros makes for an inspiring movie to watch.

    The riders in Relentless include:

    Shawn Watson

    Shane Bonifay

    Gregg Necrason

    Tim Kovacich

    Philip Soven

    Cody Ramsey

    Mike Ennen

    Ben Greenwood

    Melissa Marquadt

    Kevin Henshaw

    Emily Copeland Durham

    Steve Schoenals

    And More


    The cinematography in Relentless is top notch. I'm a big fan of 16 mm footage. Combined with the scenery of Powell, the slow motion tricks just look so pure and smooth. It has superior clarity and color to digital that I prefer. Album Films does a great job of filming from multiple angles and getting the right shots. An excellent job.


    Relentless is definitely not short. Each rider has a lengthy section, and there are quite a few top riders featured. There is also ample bonus footage of more riding.


    Relentless features the best riding the Liquid Force team has to offer. You definitely won't be disappointed in the tricks they throw down.

    The sections that stood out to me were Shawn Watson's opening segment, Mike Ennen's section, and Tim Kovacich's wakeskating section. Watson dominates on the water to some relaxed music and great footage. Ennen is a northwest rider like myself, and I've always enjoyed his smooth style so it's great to see him in such a major video. Kovacich has a great wakeskating performance including some insane tricks over various obstacles.

    Bonus Features

    Liquid Force Fish Section. All the riders go off on the new Fish board from Liquid Force.

    Extra riding footage.


    Relentless is my favorite video of 2004. The combination of scenery, cinematography, music, and the entire high quality feel make it an inspiring film to watch. No wakeboard video collection would be complete without it. It's as simple as that.
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