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BFY Productions The Butter Effect - DVD
Add to Wishlist List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $26.00


Captured entirely in 16mm film, "The Butter Effect," the newest Wakeboard film project from BFY Productions & acclaimed producer, Sean Kilgus, proves once again that Film, truly is king. "The Butter Effect" undoubtedly will captivate your attention and give you an unimaginable cinematic experience. This film is slated for being the best Wakeboard video of 2005.

Click here for The Butter Effect


  • Shawn Watson
  • Scott Byerly
  • Andrew Adkison
  • Keith Lyman
  • Ben Greenwood
  • Aaron Reed
  • Rusty Malinoski
  • Brent Starr
  • Parks Bonifay
  • Shane Bonifay
  • Chad Sharpe
  • Gerry Nunn

  • Over 90 minutes of Behind the scenes footage

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    Customer Reviews:  Review This Product
    5 of 5 Stars!Pat McCarthy, 07/31/2005

    The Butter Effect isn't trying to be anything out of the ordinary or fancy. Sometimes a simple concept is the best one, and in the case of The Butter Effect, BFY has chosen to film great riders doing what they do best on high quality film. The mission is accomplished with outstanding riding, filming, and editing. Filmed by BFY Productions, McLin Digital also had a hand in editing.

    The riders in Relentless include:

    # Shawn Watson
    # Scott Byerly
    # Andrew Adkison
    # Keith Lyman
    # Ben Greenwood
    # Aaron Reed
    # Rusty Malinoski
    # Brent Starr
    # Parks Bonifay
    # Shane Bonifay
    # Chad Sharpe
    # Gerry Nunn


    I'm a huge fan of wakeboard video shot in 16mm opposed to digital. While I'm a lover of technology and appreciate how easy and cheaper filming in digital may be, the quality and color of film still makes me enjoy a film more. I feel more like I'm there in real life seeing the same sunlight and water colors.


    The Butter Effect contains a ton of riding, as well as additional bonus video footage. Definitely not a short video, you get your money's worth. There isn't much off the water footage, so it's not wasted time.


    The Butter Effect has a great mix or riders with different riding styles. Some of them are compeition veterans, others haven't had as much mainstream movie coverage, but it's all high quality. You also get some good wakeskating action from Aaron Reed and Scott Byerly.

    Rusty Malinoski
    A powerful rider who's really starting to make a bigger name for himself, Rusty's highlights include: Pete Rose, Crail Tantrom to Blind, Backside 540, heelside Off-Axis 720, toeside Off-Axis 720, huge double up Indy Glide, Melan Heelside Mobe, a huge completion of the Fox Gap, and a toeside Back Roll to blind. Great scenery in his section as well.

    Ben Greenwood
    Liquid Force's Relentless was Ben's breakout video performance, and he follows it up strongly in The Butter Effect. Highlights include: Toeside Backside 180, a huge heelside 540, toeside Backside 360 off the double up, nice toeside Melan 720, toeside Indy 360, toeside Ole 720, heelside off-axis Backside 540, and a giant Method Backside 540.

    Brent Starr
    Once again representing the Northwest in a BFY film, Brent Starr starts out at the Space Needle in Seattle and moves it iright into tricks like: Pete Rose, toeside off-axis 720, Backside 540, heelside double up 720, Crow Mobe, Roll to Blind, a tweaked out Indy Tantrum, and a double up Backside 720.

    Bullards Bar Scene
    A combination scene of Malinoski, Starr, Sharpe, Watson, and Harf. A good Modest Mouse tune sets it off with great scenery and double ups.

    Aaron Reed and Scott Byerly
    Two of the leaders of wakeskating have a dual section filled with smooth and impressive tricks. Reed's highlights include some huge wake jumps, serious lip mastery, a wake to wake shuvit, and a heelside 360. Byerly's highlights include a kickflip in the flats, board slide to shuvit, and a 360 shuvit over a table.

    Andrew Adkison
    Adkison has a strong section featuring a Nose Grab Backroll, Whirly 540, Crow Mobe, toeside off-axis 900, Crook, a huge 313, Backside 540, toeside 720, Noxe Grab Heelside Mobe, and a Backside 720 off the wake.

    Mexico Trip
    A trip to Mexico with riding from Reed, Lyman, Adkison, and Greenwood.

    Keith Lyman
    I love the way Lyman goes so big and still manages to look so smooth. His section has a nice grabbed Backside 540, a Crail Whirlybird, and a Crail Toeside Backroll to Blind.

    Watson's Pointless Gap
    A section of gap sessioning on a gap built by Watson. It's hit by Watson, Adkison, Sharpe, Parks Bonifay, Shane Bonifay, and Harf.

    Shawn Watson
    Starts off with a great Napolean Dynamite look alike look for Watson. Fortunately, it quickly moves into his riding such as: An Ole 720, Roll to Blind, Hoochie Glide, a Raley dressed as Napolean, toeside Backside 180, double up heelside 720, kills his rail somre more, and finishes with a toeside off-axis 900 at Bullards.

    Danny Harf
    Harf continues to innovate and keep his riding fresh. His section inlcudes a Nose Grab Whirlybird, heelside Backside 720, heelside off-axis 720, switch heelside 720, Pete Rose, Toeside Backroll to Blind, toeside backside 360 way off-axis, Fox Gap action, and a Blind Pete off the wake.

    # RJD2
    # Strunt Out
    # The Bravery
    # Modest Mouse
    # Queens of the Stone Age
    # Fischerspooner
    # Cypress Hill
    # Pinback
    # The Killers
    # Flaming Lips
    # More

    Bonus Features

    # Danny Harf Fuel TV Feature
    # Raw footage of Watson's Rail
    # Various interviews
    # Uncle Frankie
    # Fox Riders Co.
    # PB Track One
    # Imperial Motion


    The Butter Effect is a "must have" DVD in my opinion due to being a recent 16mm film that is chock full or riding from good riders. While there's nothing that really jumps out as super amazing about it, you just know you're getting quality.
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