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2005 Liquid Force Limited Edition Team Wakeboard Binding
Add to Wishlist Our Price: $379.99

Product Description:

The Team is the most anticipated release in our binding line. It is the first wakeboard binding to incorporate a dual cleat, stealth lacing system, which allows the rider to independently adjust the front and back support. This provides maximum support and maximum adjustability with minimal effort.

The team also introduces our newly innovated molded heel and toe pieces. This creates a powerful holding pocket for the foot and completely eliminates any pinch points. The most responsive and supportive in our line, the Team is truly the most technically advanced boot available.


  • Stealth Lace System - Single laces glide through runners to make adjusting easier, more effective and more efficient.
  • Cleat Locks-D2 Locks - Dual cleat locks. Provide independent locking for front and rear panels. Fine tune your desired feel, support and hold. Quick and easy adjustments combined with superior hold.
  • Sewn Overlay technology/ integrated stretch zones - Provides maximum support and comfort with flex and release where needed. Easy in and out.
  • Padded Inside Cuff - Soft to the touch. Padded for your comfort.
  • Molded EVA/Lycra Toe - Molded to eliminate pinch and pressure points and fit your foot the way a boot should. Lycra provides soft feel, easy entry, and superior hold. The most comfortable toe available.
  • Molded EVA/Lycra Heel - Molded heal kidneys to lock your heel into riding position providing support and response. Lycra provides soft feel, easy entry, and superior hold. The most comfortable heel available.
  • C-4 EVA Footbed - Canted putting your toes, arch, heel, foot, ankle, calf, knee, leg in the doctors prescribed position. Cupped for maximum hold. Contoured for premium arch support. Comfortable shock and pain free riding all day long.
  • Helium air-cell system - Your feet will be floating on the lightest pillows available.
  • F.A.S.T. System - Offering unparalleled adjustments every 2 degrees. Simple and easy to use the F.A.S.T. system is the most responsive binding system available.

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    Customer Reviews:  Review This Product
    5 of 5 Stars!Pat McCarthy, 05/02/2005
    By Joe Umali (courtesy of Wakeboarder.com)

    Comfort, support, ease of entry and release, features – these are the things that today’s riders look for when they shop for new bindings. And as much as a lot of us hate to admit it, looks play a major role in our decision as well. With all that in mind, Liquid Force came up with the 2005 Team bindings, the most anticipated release in their binding line. With its features of a dual cleat, stealth lacing system, F.A.S.T. System, Lycra material and super soft footbeds, it sure will be the bindings of choice by riders with even the highest of standards.

    I’m real particular when it comes to bindings, as everyone should be. I could have the best board in the world, but unless my feet are comfortable, I will more than likely not like the board. After all the things I’ve heard about the Teams, I placed my order with Boardstop.com. In no time, I received my order and immediately placed the Teams under a microscope.

    Pieces of Evidence
    The looks of the Teams is like no other. The sewn and embossed overlay comes in black with brown and white accents, with the Limited Edition in blue and silver with white accents. The baseplates are soft-touch painted to match the boot. Laces and Stretch Zones take up the front and rear, while the toe and heel pieces are topped with durable “handles” for entry assistance.

    Some bindings offer 1 or 2 features that would satisfy the recreational rider. As a seasoned rider, I expect more features from a pair of bindings. The Teams feature a Stealth Lace System that allows for the rider to adjust them independently, creating the custom fit. Each lace glides through runners which makes adjusting a piece of cake. To lock the laces in place, snap the laces in the Dual Cleat Locks. No more pulling of levers or turning of knobs. No more struggling trying to unlock a tab with your thumb. Simply slip it in the cleat locks to lock the laces, and pull the laces out of the cleat locks to release. Easy!

    The heel and toe pieces are Molded EVA. The heel piece has molded kidneys that lock the heel down, while the toe piece is molded to eliminate pinch and pressure points. Combined with the Lycra lining, they are the most comfortable heel and toe pieces ever.

    Super soft C-4 EVA footbeds and Helium Air-Cell System make for super soft landings. Contoured arch support make for a perfect fit.

    Stance adjustment is easy with the F.A.S.T. System, which allows for unparallel adjustments every 2 degrees.

    Direct Examination
    After all that’s been written about the Teams, I had high expectations. With just a bit of slime, I was able to get in them with ease. Tightened and locked laces in place, I was off on my 1st ride in the Teams. The first thing I noticed was how super comfy the bindings were. The Lycra lining felt really soft on my feet, while the footbeds felt like pillows! At first glance, one would think that the Teams are stiff. Not at all! They’re flexible which makes it easy to poke out those grabs!

    One thing I’ve changed about my riding style is trying to go wake-to-wake, instead of wake-to-flats, simply to avoid painful landings. I landed out in the flats MANY times and the C-4 EVA footbed and the Helium Air-Cell System absolutely did their job…to soften the landings! I can’t say enough about how soft the landings are, but I’ll say this: do NOT hesitate to take your tricks out in the flats!

    In the past, bindings required a break-in period in which your feet will go through some cramping in the first couple runs. Not with the Teams. After my first run, had I not been out of breathe, I could have ridden longer. The support is incredible, yet the bindings are so comfortable that they don’t cramp up your feet or put them to sleep.

    After my run, I got in the boat absolutely satisfied with my purchase.

    Cross Examination
    “What didn’t you like about them?” is what you may be asking. Well, quite honestly, I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like. In my opinion, it’s the absolute perfect binding! I guess if I were to come up with 1 thing, it’s that they make more of the Team Limited Edition. The Blue/Silver combo is badass!

    Closing Argument
    Buy the 2005 Liquid Force Team bindings…NOW! This is a “must have” for today’s riders! Super supportive and super comfy!
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